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Individual psychological consultation


By being here, you have taken a very important step forward.
He started on the path to really know himself and overcome difficulties. 

I am committed to moving forward together and helping you find your way back to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

"He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside wakes up." (Jung)

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How can I help?

Low self-esteem
  • Negative internal dialogue 
  • Bad self image
  • Comparison to others
  • Self sabotageprocrastination
  • Jealousy
Relationship problems
  • Conflict management, assertive communication
  • Intimacy problems, infidelity, jealousy
  • Loneliness
Family issues
  • Dealing with unresolved conflicts

  • Communication

  • Detachment

  • Understanding family dynamics

Among other things..

  • Explore personal values 
  • Crisis
  • Creating habits, finding purpose
  • Difficulties of living abroad
  • Lifestyle changes
Childhood trauma
  • Acknowledgment and recognition of the traumas
  • Processing 
  • Exploring maladaptive adult behaviours
  • Behaviour change


  • Overthinking, constant worrying

  • Fears and phobias 

  • Managing physical symptoms (sweating, trembling, rapid breathing, etc.)

  • Sleeping problems

About me


From time to time on our life's path, the moment comes when real inner change becomes necessary, or even more, inevitable. This change does not initiallygap, but avoidsan impossible part of our development. In other cases, we may be dealing with some painful problem that is a constant burden on our lives. A situation from which we want to get rid of and finally enter the path of inner peace and freedom.

During my work as a psychologist, my primary goal is to accompany those who come to me on this path, to help them with their problems coping, enduring pain, navigating human relationships and maintaining a healthy psychological in creating balance.

My qualifications: 

  • Schema therapist consultant candidate - ISST International Schematic Therapy Association, led by psychotherapist supervisor Andrea Bálint

  • Integrative therapist candidate - Integrative Psychotherapy Association, Dr. Béla Daubner psychotherapist supervisor 

  • 150 hours of self-awareness psychodrama - Under the guidance of psychotherapist supervisor Dr. Ildikó Fadgyas

  • Psychologist (MSc) - Budapest University of Technology

  • Behavioral Analyst (BA) -  Eötvös Loránd University

I'm Claudia Partos, a psychologist. 

What does a process look like with me? 



We will arrange a first appointment.*

* In case: 

  • You want to develop and change, and you are  why willing to work for it

  • You do not expect ready-made solutions to the problem from me

  • You are not currently in a professional relationship with another psychologist

  • You do not have a serious psychiatric diagnosis


First meeting

We'll get to know each other and talk about the problem that you contacted me with. We start the "mapping" of the situatuon.



Roughly two to four times, until we get to know the initial situation, the problem as a whole and set the goal(s) to be achieved. We will also discuss the framework and the ideal duration. 


Joint work

We are on the journey together depending on the problem. We work together for your development and change.



We will see where we have come at the end of the agreed period. If we reach our goal, we celebrate it. If we haven't achieved the goal, we'll see together what else could be done.

What my clients say



"Nagyon kedves és pozitív a kisugárzása, aminek köszönhetően én is könnyen meg tudtam nyílni a beszélgetések alatt. Sosem éreztem azt, hogy ítélkezne, valamint mindig nagyon figyelmes és barátságos volt. Módszereivel elérte azt, hogy tisztábban lássam a problémámat, ez pedig segített abban hogy közösen megtaláljuk a megoldást."
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